Gain a graduate NeuChem® Coaching qualification with a proven model

Enrol free in the School of NeuChem®, and join our one day NeuChem® Introduction course for just £50+VAT (discounted from £330+VAT).

This course typically runs every month in Brighton, so why not get a date in your diary? Upcoming dates are:

  • 23rd November 2017
  • 22nd February 2018
  • 22nd March 2018

All you need to do is enrol into the School of NeuChem Coaching for free and book your course. By enrolling, you become a member of our community of coaches and receive discounts on courses, as well as free neuroscience and psychology resources to support you in your practice.

Why NeuChem® Coaching?

The OFSTED graduate-level coaching qualification is rooted in neuroscience and psychology

  • You will learn how to follow a proven, evidence-based coaching model which relates to the structure and function of the brain
  • It connects disparate pieces of research to fastrack your clients to easy, lasting change

More about the Introduction to NeuChem® Course

This course is for people who:

  • Want to begin their career in coaching
  • Want to develop their coaching skills based on a proven scientific model
  • Are interested in gaining insights into neuroscience in coaching

The Sussex Innovation Centre, University of Sussex, Brighton

Course arrivals are 10.00 for 10.30 start, finish 15.30. Free onsite parking, excellent bus and train links. Free refreshments, with an onsite subsidised cafe serving hot and cold lunches.

You will learn:

  • What Neuchem® Coaching is, how it differs from standard and transformational coaching and how it empowers people with powerful results.
  • The 3 essential NeuChem® Coaching skills necessary for progression to NeuChem Coach® and the 3 essential feedback approaches.
  • The 6 key ingredients of the NeuChem® coaching model
  • The physiological and brain chemistry changes that enable you and your clients to re-wire thinking and therefore transform your lives
  • How to use the rapid, easy and fun NeuChem® approach to enable clients to make significant personal changes, deal with stress, anxiety and low mood, and transform those behaviours that hold humans back
  • How to work with the pleasure of story-telling in order to develop the Neuro-story™ and Neuro-script™ approach to change
  • Why this neuroscience-based NeuChem® coaching model works so powerfully every time - creating permanent and lasting results.

Our Students

Mandy Brook, RSE Group

"NeuChem is the way forward. Now is the time to learn."

Simon Drury, Art of Reinvention

"It was really interesting finding out how that deeper understanding of how the brain works for us in life, could then make my capability as a coach even more powerful. To anyone coming on the course, I'd say be prepared to learn a mix of science and art. It's stimulating!"

Donna Wray

"NeuChem® will help my clients to engage with their emotions, and to better understand the capabilities they have within them."

Questions? Get in touch

If you have any questions please contact, or phone the office to speak to somone 01273 934136.

Your Course Leader - Maria Paviour

The School of NeuChem Coaching founder, Maria Paviour, is a registered occupational psychologist, with qualifications in psychology, biology and education.

For over 18 years Maria has focussed on the importance of engaging employees and gaining employee commitment. In 2000, she won two UK government awards for Innovation in leadership development and coaching, and a European award for developing technology for measuring and managing stress at work.

As Principal Psychologist of the Maria Paviour Company (MPC) Ltd, Maria has taken her original, award winning and innovative evidence based research from the last ten years to create the NeuChem® Leadership and Coaching systems.

Uniquely, MPC Ltd now have a team of NeuChem® qualified Coaches who supercharge business success for corporate and public sector organisations.

Maria's proven models have been published in three books that link psychology and neuroscience. Her latest book, Brainy Neuroscience for Engaged People - a Handbook of NeuroChemical Leadership - is an Amazon Bestseller.

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